Vibrational Medicine (90 min / $100)

Vibrational medicine with the use of tuning forks (sound therapy), essential oils, crystals and hands-on energy work. 

Sound is a sacred modality that supports the body’s own healing abilities by using specific frequencies to transform us through clearing, releasing and harmonizing all negative, blocked or dissonant energy, bringing us back to our original blueprint of health and wellness. 

Sound is a potent tool for transformation that works directly with the brain, nervous system, organs, endocrine system, lymphatic system, and all other systems of the body. This gentle form of therapy uses tuning forks up to the ears and over the body to help change outdated patterns of behavior and thinking that are interfering with the body , mind, spirit and emotions.

It provides: deep states of relaxation, reduces fear, depression and anxiety, cleanses negative energy and emotions, releases pain and tension, opens, boosts and balances mental and emotional states, supports healthy immune function, assists the body in detoxing, regulates breathing, enhances feelings of wellbeing, clears and balances the chakra system and clears the energy field (aura).

Your session includes a detailed intake form with a consultation so we can connect as a partnership before taking you on this sensory journey. After the session you will receive personalized information to help you empower your self and your life.

Astrology/Intuitive Readings (60 minutes / $100)

Astrology is a journey into self discovery through a map of the sky based on the exact time, day and location of our birth.  I interpret this language of symbols as a way into the calling of your spirit to help guide you to use your own intuition and co-create your life with the energy of the planets.  

Natal charts show where our strengths and weaknesses lay. They show us where to look to know ourselves better, in all areas of our life.  Our unique charts inspire and empower us to use our freedom of choice to create the change we wish to see within ourselves, our relationships and our environments.  

I use a variety of tools such as channeling, numerology,  and tarot to bring you the most important messages your chart is showing you at this time in your life. I will look into any questions you might have about your past, present or future self and choices.  

You will take home a copy of your chart with all the notes i write, as well as a customized spiritual prescription.

Request an appointment and let’s Entertain possibilities!