Spurred on by his wife, Nate began exploring the practice of medical aesthetics.  He completed extensive training and continues to study new techniques.  During this process he has seen first hand the dramatic results achievable with neuromodulators (Botox) and hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers (Juvederm/Restylane), results that are usually superior, more natural appearing, and far less invasive than the surgical alternatives.  Witnessing the positive emotional and physical impact this created for patients convinced him of the benefits of medical aesthetics.  Nate enjoys helping patients achieve a natural more youthful appearing self.

List of Medical Injectable Services

Neuromodulators (Botox® Xeomin®, Dysport®)   $12/Unit

Erase     Neuromodulators are injected with a small needle into the muscles that cause crow’s feet, frown lines, and forehead lines temporarily reducing muscle activity and resulting in a smoother appearance with less wrinkles. 

Dermal Fillers  (Restylane and Juvederm products)   $550-750/syringe

Composed of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the body, dermal fillers are formulated to provide results that last years.  They are injected with a small needle and are fully reversible if needed.  They increase volume, fill lines, provide structural support, and stimulate collagen production.  Different products provide varying degrees of support and flexibility to allow a customized approach for natural looking results. 

Lift     Injections into the cheek area create lift, restore volume, and improve contour restoring the triangle of youth, redefining the jaw line, and decreasing the appearance of jowls. 

Plump    Injections into the lips restore volume and shape. 

Smooth     Injections into vertical lip lines, nasolabial folds, and marionette lines result in a smoother more youthful appearance. 

Latisse®    A prescription medication applied directly to the eyelashes to increase eyelash length, thickness, and darkness 

$130/3mL bottle

Kybella®     A prescription treatment that reduces fat below the chin to improve your profile and eliminate a double chin 


 PRF Platelet Rich Fibrin Treatment $450 - 550

An all natural aesthetic treatment that utilizes your own plasma for facial rejuvenation and treatment of hair loss. Platelet rich fibrin contains high levels of your body’s growth factors that stimulate collagen formation, new blood vessel growth, and support hair follicles.