Paul Cooley

Physical Therapist

Physical Therapy Initial Visit / $150
Ongoing Visits / $90
Accepts some forms of insurance

During his training and multiple years of clinical practice, Paul has taught at Pacific University's Physical Therapy program, participated in medical missions to Haiti, and become proficient in the following ailments:

-Chronic and acute low back, shoulder, ankle, knee, hip, neck and upper extremity pain
-Post surgical knees, hips, shoulders, spines, feet and upper extremities
-Sport specific rehab, particularly runners
-Amputee rehab, from barely non-ambulatory to running marathons
-Concussion rehab

Paul is a 5th generation Oregonian and has been part of the St John's community for 8 years. He believes the steady state of the body should not be pain. Reach out to see how you can live up to your best potential, pain-free.