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We focus on corrective and preventative skin care and customize our facials to your specific needs. Many skin conditions can be reversed with proper skin care. request an appointment and lets work together to Get you looking and you feeling your best self.

Facial Treatments

All facials include massage and are customized to the clients skin care needs during the skin analysis portion.

Corrective Peel (30 min / $60 | 45 min / $80)

Additional layers $10

This treatment includes a cleanse, extractions, hand, arm, and scalp massage, choice of acid, mask, and hydration.

***Discuss with your esthetician which option is best for your skin and whether or not you'd like to peel. All peels are resurfacers and can cause zero, to slight or extreme peeling. These peels can also be layered.

  • 40% or 60% Glycolic

  • 30% Salicylic acid

  • 20% Lactic acid

  • 14% Modified Jessner

  • Retinol plus C exfoliant

Hands Need Love Too

Our hands do a lot of work for us and deserve to be pampered. This service includes brightening, anti aging and hydrating products, followed by massage during any facial.

Add on a peel for $10

Add on a peel and a mask for $15

Extraction Facial (30 min / $50)

This 30 minute facial is designed to address blackheads and congestion. Includes cleansing, steam, exfoliation, thorough extractions, high frequency to kill bacteria underneath the skin, reduce inflammation and tighten pores, and a hydrating finisher.

Customized Facial (30 min / $50)
 (Does not include Microderm)

Consultation with your esthetician in person, followed by a customized facial treating acne, wrinkles, sensitivity, dehydration or pigmentation using the professional skincare line Glo.  This treatment can include aromatherapy, steam, extraction, exfoliation, mask, massage and finishing products, depending on the priority of the skin’s needs.

Add on a peel for $10

Customized Facial (60 min / $100)

(Does not include Microderm)

Consultation with your esthetician in person, followed by a customized facial treating acne, wrinkles, sensitivity, dehydration or pigmentation using our skincare line Glo.  This treatment includes aromatherapy, steam, extractions if necessary, exfoliation, mask, massage and finishing products. 

Add on a peel for $10

Reiki Facial (60 min / $100)

All the goodness of a facial including cleansing, skin analysis, extractions, exfoliation, masking, hydration and massage, along with Reiki energy work, crystals and essential oils.  Reiki is a gentle, but powerful form of healing that assists in balancing the whole person; mind, body, emotions and spirit.  This treatment will have you in a state of deep relaxation; reducing stress, and drawing you into a state of peaceful presence.


As beauty and skin care professionals can all attest, beautiful skin trumps all else in a women's personal care requirements. Diamond microdermabrasion treatments can meet these needs of truly beautiful skin: softness, suppleness, smoothness, and radiance.

Diamond Tip Micro - Face (60 min / $125)
One microdermabrasion covers the face, neck, and chest. lncludes cleansing, extractions, diamond tip exfoliation, mask, massage and finishing products.

Mini Microderm Session (30 min / $65)

One mini microdermabrasion session covers the face, neck and chest. Includes cleansing, extractions if necessary, diamond tip exfoliation and finishing products.



Microneedling therapy is a very simple procedure that uses a hand-controlled implement with a cartridge of 12 tiny shallow needles. These needles create micro channels to the skin, and penetrate below the epidermis to the dermal layer.  The body then utilizes its own natural healing mechanisms to repair the skin from the inside out.  It's used to treat pigmentation, stretch marks, pores size, sagging skin, scars, fine lines and wrinkles, with minimal downtime, 1-3 days.  

*Numbing cream included

*Multiple sessions are recommended for optimal results. 

* This Session also includes a 15 minute microdermabrasion, 7-10 days later to enhance the procedure.

Microneedling - Face (60 min / $250)

One microneedling session includes the face and right below the chin to improve the overall appearance of the skin. Also included in the price is one 15 minute microdermabrasion to be booked within 7-10 days after microneedling session to exfoliate off any excess skin.

Microneedling  - Small Area (30-45 min / $50-150)

One microneedling session on any small area to concentrate on a scar or stretch mark. Multiple sessions are recommended for optimal results.

Microneedling Consent Form

Nano Needling

Nano Needling uses the same device as microneedling, but with a cartridge encompassing 81 silicone tips. These microscopic hair-like cones separate the cells within the epidermis to allow active products to be pushed into the skin. Nano needling only affects the epidermis, treating within the upper .25 mm of the skin. The benefits of this serum infusion treatment include pigmentation reduction, increased cell turnover, skin rejuvenation and an immediate glow with no downtime. This treatment can be done weekly to exfoliate the skin. A very great alternative for people with sensitive skin.

Nano needling - Face (60 min / $125)

One nano needling session includes the face and right below the chin to improve the overall appearance of the skin.


Celluma Light Emitting Diode (LED) Therapy is the application of light energy to tissue to obtain therapeutic benefits.  The energy is used to improve cellular performance.  Phototherapy is known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties and has a variety of applications across many medical fields.  Research has shown that phototherapy can: increase circulation, accelerate tissue repair, decrease wrinkles, decrease inflammation, improve skin tone and wrinkles, texture and clarity, ease muscle and joint pain, stiffness, spasm and arthritis and kills acne bacteria.

Celluma is unique & quite unlike any other low-level light therapy device available today. Based on NASA research, Celluma delivers blue, red & near-infrared light energy simultaneously to safely treat a wide variety of conditions.  Each wavelength is absorbed by different molecules that act as a signaling mechanism for different cellular processes.  For example, some reduce inflammation & some kill bacteria, while others enhance localized circulation. For more information and before and after photos about Celluma LED please click here.


One LED therapy session focusing on either calming acne, stimulating collagen production or pain management. May be performed anywhere on the body. The facial covers the neck and chest as well. Includes cleansing, 30 minutes of Celluma LED therapy, followed by customized finishing products. Best results are seen with a weekly series, though you will experience glowing results from just one treatment!

CELLUMA LED THERAPY SERIES (12 forty minute appointments/ $720)

For concentrated focus on a specific problem, Celluma LED therapy works best as a series of 12 treatments, 2-3 a week for 4-6 weeks. See your cystic acne and scarring reduce or wrinkles soften over the course of your treatments.


Add on Celluma LED therapy to any facial to help boost the results of your skin.

FAce cupping facial

Face cupping, done in a lifting motion, is anti-aging and designed to stretch fascia, which can't be reached through standard facial massage. This treatment stimulates blood flow, encourages lymph drainage and relieves pain from muscle tightness. While it tones the tissue structure creating elasticity, clients may also see a boost in collagen production.

Cupping Facial - Face (60 min / $125)

One cupping facial includes cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, facial cupping (instead of massage), mask, moisturizer and SPF.

Power Duo Cupping Microdermabrasion - Face (60 min / $150)

One power duo cupping microdermabrasion facial includes cleanse, diamond tip microdermabrasion, facial cupping (instead of massage), mask, moisturizer, and SPF.




***Please note we need 24 hours notice when cancelling or rescheduling an appointmen

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