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Therapeutic massage (60 min / $80 | 90 min / $110)

Calm your nervous system, aid the circulation of blood and lymph, boost immunity, improve digestion, relax and lengthen tight muscles, and relieve chronic pain. Our therapists are trained in a wide range of modalities, and love to customize for each client. Your stress relieving session may include: Swedish, craniosacral, myofascial release, acupressure, reiki, reflexology and more.

Deep tissue/sports massage (60 min / $80 | 90 min / $110)

This massage may focus more attention on target areas, or performance enhancement goals. The objective is to achieve structural balance through techniques such as: trigger point, myofascial release, muscle energy work, stretching and joint stabilization. For athletes of any level, and effective in treating issues such as: migraines, scar tissue build up, decreased range of motion, injury/car accident recovery, sciatica, rotator cuff injuries, and many other common physical ailments. Our connective tissue acts affects every movement and body system, so keeping it healthy improves overall wellness.

Pregnancy massage (60 min / $80 | 90 min / $110)

After the first trimester, massage can be very effective in maintaining whole body balance throughout your pregnancy. It can relieve discomfort in hips, lower back, shoulders, as we as reduce swelling in ankles and wrists. The increase in circulation and calming effects on the nervous system that this therapy provides are very important for both mother and baby.

Reflexology (30 min / $45)

The ancient art of pressure points in the feet has been practiced for thousands of years. Experience whole body relaxation and restoration through treatment in just your feet. Specific points can be pinpointed to meet your individual needs.

Lymphatic drainage (60 min / $80 | 90 min / $110)

Our lymphatic system is a pathway through our body similar to our circulatory system. It carries lymphatic fluid, which is vital in all forms of healing and immune system function. This treatment is very light in pressure because the lymphatic pathways are so superficial. It can be used full body to boost immune function and detoxify. It can also be tailored to specific areas, as in post-surgery care, or for the treatment of lymphedema, or swelling.

Hot stone massage (90 min/ $125)

Through the use of heated stones, your therapist is able to release deep tension and pain in your muscles and joints.  Stones are placed on muscles along important energy channels, and on myofascial trigger points.  The heated stones will also be used as a tool to help your therapist release stubborn adhesions and stagnant qi, or energy in the body.  Various massage techniques will be combined with the stones, specific to your needs at the time.  

Cupping + massage (90 min/$120)

The suction and negative pressure provided by cupping can loosen muscles, unwind stuck fascia, decompress joints, relieve headaches, arthritis and other chronic pain, and even improve skin elasticity and the appearance of cellulite.  It is an ancient Chinese Medicine practice used to release stagnant qi, and pull "sha" (chinese term that literally means "sand", but can relate to granulations in our tissue) to the surface, freeing up space in the deep tissue for new, healthy flow of blood, lymph and qi.  When "sha" appears at the surface of the skin, it may result in a red-purple discoloration that can take a week to fade.  It isn't a bruise, and won't feel like one, but be prepared for possible discoloration!  Your therapist will use the cups as stationary suction devices to release the area, and they may also use "gliding cupping", a myofascial technique that separates stuck tissues through pulling.  In this 90 minute session, you will also receive a variety of hands on massage techniques for maximum therapeutic value.  


Medical massage/manual therapy ($46 per unit billed)

This therapy is done under a prescription, following a motor vehicle accident.  Various medical massage and myofascial release techniques will be applied to deal with the specific injuries of the client.  Therapists are trained to work closely with your Dr. or Chiropractor to help you heal from the soft tissue injuries associated with motor vehicle accidents. Our office will handle all billing to insurance, no out of pocket cost to the client.  Email or call us with any questions about how to set up and receive this care if you've been in an accident.


Cellulite reduction massage (60 min / $90)

This treatment is most effective and long-lasting when done in a series. The frequency and length of the series will depend on the level of your issue. Because cellulite is a skin and connective tissue problem, not a weight or fat problem, massage can be very effective. A blend of oils is used that increases blood flow to the area and helps build the elasticity of your skin. Three different massage techniques are used to improve circulation, separate connective tissue adhesion that causes bumpiness, and drain any excess fluid which gives a puffy appearance. This treatment is done only on your problem areas.