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Detox seaweed wrap (60 min / $90 | 90 min / $125)

Seaweed is a very effective expectorant of toxins from the skin, our largest organ. You will be exfoliated, covered in a hydrating, detoxifying seaweed masque, and wrapped for optimum benefit. While you are wrapped, you will receive neck and scalp massage. After the masque is removed, your whole body will be massaged with an emollient lotion, with the intention of stimulating your lymphatic system.

Chakra balancing hot oil wrap and scalp treatment (60 min / $90 | 90 min / $125)

The intent of this wrap is to be restorative, balancing, and soothing, while also being deeply moisturizing for the skin of your body and scalp. Olive oil is very easily absorbed, and does not clog pores. A specific blend of therapeutic grade essential oils is mixed with warm olive oil and worked into pressure points from your feet to shoulders. While you are wrapped in that, soaking it in, you will receive a hot oil scalp treatment. Essential oils are blended with the olive oil for your scalp to clarify, heal, and open pores. You leave feeling relaxed, grounded and hydrated, but also refreshed and invigorated.


***Please note we need 24 hours when cancelling or rescheduling an appointment.***